Vinyl Siding

vinyl siding

When looking into adding value to your home without investing a whole lot, vinyl siding is a great choice. It’s more Economical compared to other materials and in the long run tends to last longer as well. Here are some key reasons to choose vinyl siding over any other material.

Vinyl siding is Low Maintenance. Once it’s fully installed you are good to go, it’s as simple as that. And because of the material, there’s no need to paint it or ad extra barriers of protection. Vinyl is very resistant to pest and issues like rot. Just remember to clean at least once a year to keep the shine going.

Vinyl is Very Durable. For this reason vinyl is used all across the nation. It’s specifically designed to protect your home all around. It can withstand heavy wind to hail and excessive amounts of moisture. This all gets backed up with confidence and exclusive to Origin Exteriors a lifetime warranty of 50 years from the date of installation.

Vinyl can Save You Money. Utility bills can be pricey, specially if there are areas in the home where heat and cold are entering and escaping. With proper vinyl siding installation comes into play the vinyl creates a phenomenon known as “thermal bridging”. The insulated vinyl siding prevents heat loss between the wall studs in exteriors walls. It’s similar to a blanket of protection that gets placed over the studs, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

And lastly, It’s Incredibly Versatile. With the hundreds of colors, textures, and styles any dream home can become a reality. Like to style of cedar shakes but want the benefits of vinyl? There’s a product for that. Like the shingle look as well? Vinyls got you covered. And the possibilities cary on and on. There is a vinyl product for just about every preference.


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