Seamless Gutter Components

seamless gutter components

Gutters redirect rain water away from your homes foundation and prevent mold and mildew from entering the interior walls of your home. Previously they were available in 4 inch and 5 inch K style with spikes but now they are more modernized with more coverage for both 5 inch and 6 inch K style with new and improved hangers. This next generation of seamless gutters brings forth stronger aluminum that can withstand the elements and provide a long gutter life of 20+ years. And now with even more colors to choose from the standard white doesn’t have to be your only choice.

So what are the components to seamless gutters? It all starts with the Gutter Coil. Not every roll of aluminum is created the same. Aluminum quality is measured by gauge, with the higher the gauge the better the aluminum. Premium aluminum for the 5 inch gutter coil is 25 and for the 6 inch it’s 32.

Next is the assembly of the gutter itself. Once the gutter has been ran, End Caps get crimped on each end if applicable. This is then followed with a straight line of caulk around the inside portion of the end cap to prevent water from leaving the gutter through the end cap.

There are instanced where end caps may not be required and that is because a Miter may need to come into play. There are Inside Miters, Outside Miters, Inside Bay Miters, and Outside Bay Miters. Each different in its turning radius and designed for any home.

Now to properly hold the gutter in place, Hangers are attached to the gutter every 16-24 inches. Just about every 2ft, this allows the gutter to hold large quantities of water during heavy rains and prevents the aluminum from bending during windy days.

Up next is the Outlet. This allows water to leave the gutter and go directly into the next step. The downspout Elbows. These come in various configurations as well. There are A Elbows, B Elbows, A style Ledge Jumpers, and B Style Ledge Jumpers. All offering different angles of degree that can be mix and matched to create professional curbs.

And lastly the Downspouts themselves. These are cut to length or may even be attached together for many story homes. They come in both 2×3 or 3×4 sizes, designed to match the size of the gutter you choose to go with.

Many home owners forget about the importance of functioning gutters but when they are properly installed and paired with the right color for your home. A beautiful home comes to life and one that will stay that way for many years down the road.


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