Protect Your Driveway

protect your driveway

Driveways are generally overseen until they are cracking, chipping or turning different shades of color. And that is because the damage has already occurred and has left an unpleasant sight. But things like this can be well prevented way before there are even signs of damage, all with a routine deep clean.

In the state of Ohio, we see all sorts of weather. From very hot summers to very cold winters. These temperatures are key factors in deteriorating the structure of your drive way. During the cold seasons when water freezes it expands roughly 9 percent. Meaning water that gets trapped inside the pours of your driveway, has no choice but to expand. And as it expands it produces pressure inside the capillaries. Over many cycles and repeated pressure build up to the point where it exceeds the tensile strength of your driveway causing the cavities to rupture and resulting in cracking, chipping, pitting and ultimately costly repairs.

A Routine Deep Wash removes debris on the surface and within the pours, as well as release trapped water molecules. Once the surface is dry a deep penetrating Siloxane Sealer that keeps out moisture is applied. This powerful chemical compound of silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen siloxane will protect your drive way and keep it intact, while avoiding you a costly repair in the near future.


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