Complete Roof System

anatomy of GAF lifetime roofing system

A roof system is a highly advanced system of components that work together and do much more than just keep the water out. A properly designed roof system keeps your attic cool and dry. And it makes your home a more comfortable place to be. So what are the components of a well designed roof system?

It all begins with a High Performance Leak Barrier to protect the most vulnerable areas of your roof. Like at the eaves, valleys, around chimneys and pluming vents. These areas are nectarous for leaks. Todays leak barriers are made from a rubberized compound that creates a waterproof protective barrier.

Next, you have the Roof Deck Protection. This helps prevent wind driven rain that could get under your shingles from getting inside your home. Traditionally roof felt has been used for roof deck protection, but today there are high performance products that will provide long term protection, long after inexpensive felt can become brittle and disintegrate.

After that is the Metal Drip Edge. This is a component that helps keep water away from the roofs edges and provides a clean finished look to your new roof.

Next. is the installation of specially designed Starter Strips at the eves of your roof. Starter strips have a factory applied adhesive that will tightly lock the first roof of shingles in place and help prevent blow offs.

Now it’s time to install the Shingles. Shingles are installed from the way up and across. A precise patter of installation must be followed with proper nailing alignment. This will insure full bond between the nails and the adhesive on each shingle that follows upward and across.

At the top of your roof many home may require a Ridge Vent. Which along with corresponding soffit vents in your eves or intake vents allows hot moist damaging air to escape from your attic.

The final component are Ridge Cap Shingle to give a finished look to your roof and match the performance of your roof shingles.

With all components of a residential roof system you’ll have a beautiful home that not only looks great but also keeps the weather out, increases the comfort of your home and will last for many years to come.


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